Saturday, April 30, 2011

Digi-scrapping friends

You know when you really love something, you want everyone to know about it and do it?  That's how I feel about digi-scrapping, and I always love when people ask me how to get started in it because they love my pages.  I sat down with a local friend yesterday to try and show her the ropes - she already had photoshop experience with her photography business, so it was a breeze, really, she understood the concepts, just had to put them together.  I'm excited that if she keeps being interested I'll have a local friend to scrap with - while I'm part of a few digital communities, I haven't had many friends I can scrapbook with in the same room.  So I'm excited to get to do that hopefully soon :)

I have a few pages I could post this week, you can see them all here.

Cool Dude
This is my nephew lookin like a Cool Dude :)

Sunshine Day
Journaling: July, 2009 - we went on a road trip to Spokane, Seattle, Vancouver and then home. It was really hot out (because it was July!) but we found some fun things to do, including riding a gondola over the Spokane Falls in downtown Spokane, Washington. It was stifling hot in there but you thought it was fun to crawl around on the floor of the gondola. You were pretty good natured about the heat (even though mommy and daddy were complaining about it) and you looked so sweet playing in the sunshine. You stood up using mommy’s legs (you weren’t walking yet) and gave me this smile as if to say “It’s OK mommy, life is all about the sunshine.” You are so adorable, my sunshine girl!

Me, Myself and I - Eva Kipler and Kate Hadfield
Maths Class Alpha - Kate Hadfield
Llightroom Preset - Aged Photo
DJB Marla Script

Lift of nietis' One Spring Day:

You are my Sunshine


Carley Hague said...

I love all your stuff. I can only hope to get as good as you. Right now I am lucky to get a plain page going. Maybe if my computer ever speeds up I will get some more experience and maybe get into some of those online communities too.